How to make homemade suntan lotion with coffee grounds

  • Natural ground coffee
  • 1 cup of water
  • Neutral body lotion
  • An empty spray can

First, prepare coffee on a regular basis using only one cup of water with the coffee container full at its maximum capacity. This should be a fairly pure coffee. When it’s ready, let it cool and mix with the neutral body lotion.

The amount of coffee will depend on the tone you want for your skin. The darker you want the hue, the more brown you should add.

When you get a uniform mixture, add into your spray can. Before spraying it on your skin, shake the container. Repeat the process once a week or every fortnight.

How to make homemade suntan lotion with stale coffee

For the stale coffee, you only need a glass of coffee that you are not going to drink, olive oil and natural salt. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to a glass of coffee that has been left over from previous days and finish with a pinch of salt. Mix, shake, and add to your clean, empty spray can. Use this recipe every two weeks and be sure to spray it very well and evenly on the skin.

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