Bifold Shower Door – A Space Saving Door Option For Small Bathrooms

The bifold shower door is a foldable type of door that is a popular choice for shower enclosures. These doors usually are bigger and cover the full entry. However, they need less space while operating, which makes them a suitable choice for small bathrooms. Shower doors are important for many reasons. Unless it is a walk-in shower where you don’t have a door, an enclosure is incomplete without it. Where it provides a suitable entry into the shower area, it is also an important means of creating aesthetics as per your requirements.

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Just imagine you don’t have a shower door. You may have to face several problems that include the cool breeze that will be directly coming, not your shower area. It will increase the risk of you getting cold. Besides that, it will be hard to restrain water inside the shower area. Although, you have a shower curtain as an alternative. But these require cleaning and often changing as bacteria and mould can grow over them. 

If you are planning for a bathroom makeover, then you will come across various shower door choices. Each of the doors has its own distinct features and benefits. In this blog, we are going to explore bifold doors. 

What Is Bifold Shower Door?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of a foldable door that folds inwards. It usually has two or three panels that are joined with door hinges. So, virtually you just push where the hinges attach to panels to make the door open. It is a suitable pick when you want a bigger and wider opening or access into the shower area. However, a pivot door is a much better option for serving this purpose. But for the bathrooms where space is limited, a folding door can be the best alternative. 

Why Install Bifold Shower Door?

The bifold shower door is a brilliant choice because of several reasons, as discussed here. 

  1. Contemporary Design. It’s modern time, and everyone wants their enclosure, bathroom, and home to look contemporary. However, to create the look as per your requirements, you need all the fittings that are contemporary. Although almost all doors are suitable for contemporary bathroom design, there is still difference which we should prefer. Folding doors are modern and look extremely beautiful with a simple opening mechanism. That is the major reason for their popularity. In case you are looking for a perfect enclosure that is highly practical and looks beautiful, then it should be your choice. 
  2. Suitable For Both Large and Small Bathrooms. For most bathrooms in the UK, the availability of space is a big problem. It becomes even more difficult if you plan to design a great bathroom. In such a case, where you also plan to include an enclosure, you will need to be careful while using space. A foldable door in all such cases can help you use space effectively and efficiently. Unlike pivot doors that open outwards, requiring a lot of clearance space, these collapse within themselves, offering a better and less space-taking solution. 

I also know these as “concertina doors” as these resemble in look with the famous musical instrument. However, that does not mean that you can not install them in the large bathrooms. These are equally popular for the large spaces as well. But the reason for preferring is aesthetics rather than space-saving. Overall, wherever you need a large entrance into shower areas, these are the perfect option. 

  1. Perfect of Corner Enclosures. If you have limited space or want to make use of the corner for the enclosures. Then you may have limited options. Not all shower doors are suitable for the corner enclosures. Therefore, you will need a choice that you can install with such enclosures. A pivot door because of its shape and opening outward is not suitable in such a situation. You can choose between a folding door or a sliding door. Among them, the most space-saving and practical solution is the foldable door. 
  2. No-Risk of Water Dripping Outside an Enclosure. The doors which open outwards have many disadvantages. The biggest among them is that the water drops on the door drip on the floor. That makes the outside door slippery that may occasionally require cleaning. However, as the bifold shower door does not require clearance space, there is no risk for such a thing. 
  3. Affordable. As we have a discussion on various features of folding doors, for many situations like space limitations and aesthetics, these are a suitable option. However, affordability is also an important consideration. The good news is that these doors are highly affordable and cost little or extra compared to other door options.

Are You Looking for Bifold Shower Door?

In this article, we have explored various aspects of the bifold shower door. It can be a brilliant choice for small bathrooms where you don’t have enclosure space for other doors. You can also install them in large spaces to create a contemporary look. At Turin Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have all the bathroom fittings available for your makeover needs. Good Day!

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