How To Make Homemade Rat Poison

Instructions for making homemade rat poison

Although you may not believe the ingredients we need to be an effective homemade rat poison, we can find them in our cupboard . We will only need equal proportions of common standard sugar, standard wheat flour, and baking soda or royal. We will mix these three ingredients in equal proportions in a bowl. Later we will look for the places where there are rat feces and we will place this mixture here so that when the rats go to that place, they ingest this homemade poison and die. Although this poison may seem very simple, it is truly effective . When rats consume flour, their mouths, throat and respiratory system are affected and they begin to suffer severe dehydration as a result. Added to that, these animals cannot digest baking soda or baking powder, this last ingredient inflames their intestines so that this organic damage is the cause of their early death. The sugar in this mixture only fulfills the function of attracting the rat to ingest this mixture, so for the effectiveness of this poison it is important that the ingredients are placed in equal proportions.

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