Finding the Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type

Unlike T-shirts, which more or less hide the shape of the body, blouses emphasize the shape. It is more feminine and more formal, it is often used in the business world, as well as semi-formal occasions.

The different cuts and designs adapt to different body types. There are some who favor a certain body type, while there are others who falter. It’s important that you find the right cut and style that will not only emphasize your best assets, but also hide your problem areas.

Going with the lines

Stripes and lines on blouses have a great effect on the way the eye perceives the entire body Foxcroft blouse. Vertical lines on blouses will elongate the body and make it appear longer and slimmer. This is recommended for people who are short or those who are on the full side.

Horizontal lines on blouses, on the other hand, make the eyes larger, making the image framing the lines wider and thicker. Slender people or people on the slimmer side will look fuller when wearing this type of blouse.

Colors have it all

As a general fashion rule, black and other dark colors will minimize fullness. In fact, people who have full figures should go with black wardrobes as the color black, especially in blouses, will make them appear slimmer.

Bright colors in blouses, on the other hand, emphasize the upper body. In addition to making it appear larger and wider, the bright colors will also draw attention to the body it frames. If your problem area is the lower body, such as wide hips, bright colored tops will help minimize attention.

Bright colored tops are also recommended for people who have large shoulders and a large upper body area, while dark colors are recommended for those who have upper body problems.

To keep it simple, wear a dark colored blouse if you want to hide something in the upper area and a bright colored blouse if you want to draw attention to the upper body area.

Cuts, cut it

The cut of the blouse will also greatly influence the way you are seen. Empire cut tops, for example, will hide wide waists while emphasizing the chest area. Tight blouses, on the other hand, are best worn by women who have slimmer figures. Full-figure women are discouraged from wearing fitted tops because these tops only serve to highlight fullness.

Facial factor

The necklines of the blouses will also help to slim not only the figure but also the facial structure.

Women with wide jaws or those with square facial structures are advised to wear tops with V-necklines. This is also true of women with round faces. They should also avoid wearing tops with Sabrina collars and closed collars as these will only emphasize the squareness and roundness of the facial structure.

Women with long faces are recommended to wear tops with square necklines and round necklines. This will help cut the length of the facial structure. Sabrina necklines and wide necklines will also flatter them.

Women with long necks can wear pretty much anything they like. When they wear tops with a plunging neckline, they only need to wear a long necklace to create an illusion of cut.

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