How to provide guest access on your home wireless network

Although Noel plans to register on AirBnB and will therefore be offering porn-free internet connection, he wants to keep his identity secret.

I plan to use AirBnB and want to share my fibre optic internet connection discreetly. I don’t want to divulge the Wi-Fi password. A guest network capability exists in certain routers, but I’m certain my BT Home Hub 3 does not have one. In addition, I’ve also considered OpenDNS as an extra option to filter out porn and other undesirable content. I’m willing to buy another router if that’s what’s required. Noel

It’s something people who rent out their houses and small businesses who want to provide clients with free Wi-Fi access should be interested in learning about. For example, my dentist has free Wi-Fi, but I’ve never checked it out because I was in a hurry.

On the other hand, you’re absolutely correct to believe that the easiest option is including guest access as a built-in feature in a router. This is applicable to many different modems, including Asus, TP-Link, Netgear, and Linksys RE3000w Setup (these links are meant to provide examples, not recommendations, but they all rank pretty well on

The BT Infinity launch included separate VDSL2 modems so customers could attach their new Infinity connections to their street-facing OpenReach cabinets. You either have one of these, or a BT Home Hub 3. VDSL2 and ADSL2 built in (In the BT Home Hub 5, you have both VDSL2 and ADSL2 routers built in.) If this is the case, theoretically, plugging a new router into the VDSL2 modem should work. However, if readers want to chime up and let us know if they have tested this, please do. The only alternative is a VDSL2/ADSL2 combination.

In order to set up a guest wireless network, follow these steps:

The process to configure the guest network can be started by logging into the new router and locating the Guest Network (or something similar) on the administration interface. You can then select which of the 2.4GHz or 5GHz networks you wish to use, and enter a different SSID, like, for example, the network name you desire. If your router is configured to accept -guest network connectivity, you may not have a choice because it will automatically use it with your current SSID.


WPA2-Personal and an access key are both critical elements to creating a successful authentication system. Most commonly, an unencrypted guest network or one with a default password, such as Linksys’ BeMyGuest, is not safe to run.

When it comes to buying a new router, it is recommended that you first look at the product’s online documentation and FAQs to find out how to set up guest networks. Netgear, TP-Link, and Asus have these, therefore it’s safe to presume that other providers have them as well.

When everything is ready, make sure you cannot access any of the other devices on your network from the guest network. This is secure if your workgroup is password-protected, but keep an eye out for shared folders without passwords.

Change the router’s default usernames and passwords as well. Make sure to select names and passwords that are not already in use by other devices.

add a piece of equipment

However, it is also possible to plug a second router into an available Ethernet connection on the BT Home Hub 3 if you don’t already have a router connected to the Internet. You don’t have to swap out your BT Home Hub when you have many devices with BT built-in. If you already have a spare router or you want to rid yourself of one, you might want to give it a try. Installing DD-WRT open source firmware may enable you to restore the device’s functionality and provide it with a fresh lease on life.

The two most common difficulties are: Before you can get it to work, you will first have to “double-NAT” the network. Also, it should be noted that unless it is put up appropriately, it could be insecure.

I would typically not recommend this. Though this approach appears easy with an outdated Apple Airport Express, I saw an article touting how to construct a private wifi network for your AirBnB guests, which emphasises the strategy’s appeal. There is no need for me to buy one, as I have not yet tried it, but if you are able to get a second-hand one for a cheap price, it may be worth a go.

Another alternative is a Devolo dLAN 500 or 1200+ Wi-Fi extender. HomePlug devices that are designed to extend your Wi-Fi signal to another room in your house use power to convey electrical impulses through the power line. To configure a Guest Account, make use of the dLAN Cockpit App and the guide included in the manual. You may kill two birds with one stone if Wi-Fi is unreliable in part of your house. To learn more, try the Amped Wi-Fi Analytics Tool for Windows and Android to determine which parts of your house are affected.

I am installing a D-Lan 1200+ to make up for the fact that my living room is far away from the BT Home Hub in my upstairs home office, which is located in my office above the living room.

Alternatively, you could use a piece of software such as mHotspot, Free WiFi Hotspot, or MyPublicWiFi to transform a laptop into a free Wi-Fi hotspot, but this doesn’t seem like the ideal option for your situation.


Some home routers are equipped with content filtering and parental controls to prevent a wide range of inappropriate content. If so, it’s definitely worth using OpenDNS, which offers web content filtering as well. Family Shield is the simplest choice; it blocks “adult and pornographic” websites, as well as phishing and malware sites.

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