Major differences between simple vapes and CBD vapes

The world of vaping has been revolutionized by the introduction and development of CBD vapes. These are devices that vaporize a liquid containing CBD rather than nicotine or marijuana. There are significant differences between simple vapes and CBD vapes – from how they’re used to how they affect your health. Here’s what you need to know about these two types of vape products.

CBD Vapes Use CBD Oil

CBD oil vape pens are the concentrated form of pure cannabinoids that can be used in vaping devices. The liquid is heated to the point where it turns into vapor, which you then inhale and exhale just like regular smoke from cigarettes or marijuana. There are three main types: e-liquid, wax concentrate (sometimes called shatter), and vape pen oil.

CBD vape juice is a mixture of carrier oils, and CBD mixed to create an e-liquid you can use in your vaping device or put into other forms, such as cartridges for specific types of devices.

Simple Vapes Use Nicotine or Marijuana

The manufactures design simple vape devices to use with nicotine, marijuana, and other psychoactive substances. There are two main types: electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and vaporizer pens. E-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes but have a battery that powers the heating element, turning liquid into smoke or vapor. The most popular e-cig is the JUUL, which has become best known for its discreet size and use of nicotine salts in e-liquid.

Vaporizer pens are just like e-cigarettes but much more common. You can use them with marijuana or hash oil instead of liquid nicotine. They get their name because rather than burning cannabis to create smoke (which is what simple vapes using nicotine do), they heat it to the point where cannabinoids turn into vapor. This is a much healthier approach because it doesn’t produce tar or other chemicals from burning dry herbs like regular joints, blunts, and bongs.

The Fundamental Differences Between Simple Vapes and CBD Vapes

The vape market has flooded with products, and there are hundreds of options available on the internet. While this is great for consumers, it can be challenging to differentiate between one product and another. One way to get a better idea about what’s out there would be through research because you should precisely know what you want before making any purchases online.

There are two types of vapes available on the market: simple and CBD. The main difference between these is that simple vapes use nicotine, tobacco, or marijuana while a CBD vape does not. Simple vapes usually come in the form of cartridges filled with liquid containing either nicotine or THC (the active ingredient found in cannabis). From there, it’s up to you whether you want to keep vaping until all your complete the liquid for an extended session. You can also prefer taking small hits when necessary. Either way, this type of vaporizer is perfect for those who already have experience with smoking because they can easily transition from combustible cigarettes into something less toxic and easier on their lungs, like e-cigarettes, hookah pens, or vape pens.


Most CBD vapes available on the market don’t contain any nicotine, tobacco, or THC but instead use a cartridge filled with cannabidiol oil (CBD). These types of vaporizers are perfect for those who want to experience an alternative method for receiving their daily dose of CBD without having to ingest it orally through capsules and beverages. The advantage is that these cartridges can be used in conjunction with almost any other type of vape pens device as long as the threading matches up perfectly by screwing into each other like two puzzle pieces slipping together seamlessly. This makes them compatible with your sub-ohm tanks and clearomizer while providing an easy way to switch between different flavors depending on what you feel like vaping at the moment.

How to Choose the Right Type of Vaporizer for You

When choosing a vape, the first thing to look at is what type of cannabis you want to load it with. There are [three] popular types: dry herb, wax, and oil cartridges. Each one has its advantages depending on the experience you’re looking for. Some vaporizers can do more than just one kind, so take advantage of that.

Dry herb vapes are the most versatile, as you can also use them with wax and oil cartridges. On the other hand, simple CBD vaporizers don’t do dry herbs either. The best advice is to look at what type of cannabis you use most often, then go from there!

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