When Prepping For Dental X-Ray

Dentists say that no special preparation is actually necessary. Even so, you still need to prepare yourself for the dental x ray jeffersonville appointment. It should go without saying that you will need to brush your teeth prior to your dental appointment. You need to play your part in creating the ideal hygienic environment. It has to be hygienic for the dentist and his assistant as well. But as far as actual dental cleanings go, the X-ray will still be taken first.

And should only cleanings be required, the dentist may not need to be present if there is already an oral hygienist in residence. She will do the cleanings in his stead. Now, when the x-ray is taken, the patient will have a lead vest placed across his chest and lap. The x-ray machine is placed alongside of the patient’s head. It will of course be used to record images of the patient’s mouth. In some cases, separate rooms are set aside for taking x-rays.

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As things stand in the dental industry, several types of x-rays are being used. These include bitewing, occlusal, panoramic, periapical and extraoral x-rays. The bitewing technique requires the patient to bite down on a piece of paper. This allows the dentist to see how well the teeth’s crowns are matched up. This is a technique usually used to check for cavities. The occlusal x-ray will be used when the patient’s jaw is closed.

This technique allows the dentist to see how the patient’s upper and bottom teeth line up. An occlusal x-ray, on the other hand, is able to capture all teeth through a single shot. And during a panoramic shot, the x-ray machine will be rotating around the patient’s head. And the periapical looks at two complete teeth from root to crown.